Sunday, February 03, 2008
looking for a couple of experienced programmers

there is a listed company that i know of, is looking for a couple of experienced programmers.

the company's gonna offer good benefits (true). tada~ that's it.
but you really gotta be experienced to get what you're expecting, which is fair enough to you and the company.

u must have good knowledge in .......whatever programmers do (eg: php...more than php....and those more than 'more than php'...and more than that - not trying to scare anyone).

(what an ad....but i will update this entry soon)

~sincerely, me :)

Posted at 10:18:34 pm by delamyra

February 12, 2008   12:01 AM PST
February 11, 2008   10:24 PM PST
yeah you're fat too Reza. oh yeah you're that she-male from bangkok right?? :P
February 11, 2008   07:08 PM PST
Hi I'm intrested, do they take foreigners?..btw ur fat
February 5, 2008   05:52 PM PST
yelllow bellow! hehe no probs! you too take carrre!! happy cina new year
February 5, 2008   11:43 AM PST
helo comel-lote, lame giler tak masuk sini...anyway, timer kasih for your wedding wishes dat u left in my old blog at blogdrive.skarang graduate ke new blog hehe...anyway, take of luck...wooooooot!wooooot!

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